Paleo Diet

paleo-recipe-bookThe Paleo Diet is one of the most common methods of practicing a healthy and nutritious lifestyle by only eating specific food groups that are natural. The Paleo Diet follows the same diet that Paleolithic humans, or cavemen, used to eat for food that is based on the land, which includes meat, vegetables, nuts, and seasonal fruit. This obviously cuts out processed grains, sugary treats, and all food products that contain processed sugar.

The ancient diet avoids calorie counting and instead focuses on consuming natural foods that work to build a lean and muscular frame. It also promotes increased energy levels and a higher percentage of burned fat. By reducing the intake of carbohydrates in the diet that are consumed through grains, and instead obtaining the carbs through fruit, sweet potatoes, and vegetables, it works to shed excess pounds. Many people who practice the diet also decide to cut out dairy, which was only consumed during infancy for cavemen. Cavemen were naturally hunters and gatherers, but did not resort to milking cows for their diet. Ultimately, the rules and restrictions of the diet work to create a nutrient-dense and low calorie lifestyle that was experienced with our ancestors.

Although the transition to a Paleo Diet can feel restricting at first, there are plenty of delicious and natural foods to eat that the body will begin to crave. Grass-fed pasture-raised meat is required, as grain-fed animals have the same problems in their bodies as humans do with grains. Fowl and fish are also large components of the diet and includes chicken, turkey, duck, hen, or any animals with wings. To accompany the meat, it’s important to consume Omega-3 enriched eggs, natural oils, raw or lightly cooked vegetables, fruit, nuts, and sweet potatoes or yams. When cooking, it’s important to avoid artificial oils, but instead rely on virgin coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado oil.

One of the main incentives to choosing this diet is that it will be difficult to gain weight due to the amount of nutrients consumed throughout the day. The amount of calories consumed with vegetables or fruit is significantly lower than a bag of potato chips, making it easy to stay full and consume less due to the body’s ability to sustain itself off of the natural calories. Another benefit of the diet is the lower risk in common diseases and illnesses for improved health that can lead to longevity and a greater lifespan.