Paleo Breakfast

Many people have started following the Paleo diet because it provides simple guidelines for a diet that does not include processed foods and excessive carbohydrates. Eating a good breakfast is one of the most important parts of the diet. There are several Paleo breakfast ideas that can help anyone to start the day off right.

A Simple Omelet and Grapefruit

One of the simplest breakfasts is an omelet made from two to three free-range eggs. The eggs are scrambled into an omelet in a pan with some olive oil. Chopped parsley and diced onion can be added to the omelet for a little flavor. A grapefruit helps to balance this simple and nutritious breakfast meal. A good beverage to go with the omelet is a cup of fresh herbal tea.

Paleo Pancakes
This Paleo breakfast is made without grains or flour. The pancake batter is actually made from three bananas and three eggs that are combined in a bowl and mashed into a loose paste. A quarter cup of almond butter is added to the batter. The batter is poured into a pan with some coconut oil in the bottom to form pancakes. The pancakes are cooked until the outside has browned and the eggs in the center are fully cooked. The pancakes can be topped with fresh seasonal fruits for some added flavor.

Breakfast Stir-Fry
This breakfast stir-fry starts with a hot pan with olive oil in the bottom. A half of an onion is diced and added to the pan along with a handful of halved cherry tomatoes. Six sliced button mushrooms are then added. Once the ingredients have cooked a little, three handfuls of spinach are added and allowed to wilt. Everything should be moved to one side of the pan. Two eggs are added to the empty side of the pan and cooked. This makes a very satisfying breakfast meal.

Sweet Potato Hash Browns
This Paleo Breakfast starts with three sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes should be grated to create a loose bundle. An egg can be added to the grated sweet potatoes although this is not necessary. The egg helps to bind the hash browns. Adding finely diced onions can enhance the flavor. The pile of grated sweet potato is then formed into loose patties and placed into a frying pan containing some olive oil. The patties should be allowed to cook on each side until the sweet potatoes have browned and the center is cooked through.