Paleo Food List

The Paleo diet is one that intrigues and fascinates many people, but when it comes time to dig in, you may find that you get a little bit of stage fright. While the concept of the paleo diet is simple enough, you may be seized with doubt over what is appropriate and what is not. The next time you have hunger pangs but don’t know what to eat, consult this paleo food list to get you on the right track.

Lean Meat
There are many meats that you can simply pick up at your local grocery that are appropriate for the paleo diet. For example, lean cuts of beef include flank steak, top sirloin and chuck. Pork chops that have been trimmed of visible fat and pork loin are also options, as is turkey breast or chicken breast.

Fish and Game Meats
Part of the real fun of the paleo diet is eating as our ancestors must have eaten, and if you want to stretch your diet to include more interesting things, consider experimenting with different types of fish and game meats. Grouper, herring, mackeral, haddock and tuna are all on the approved list, and you might also consider the extremely tasty and very lean game meats as well, like reindeer, venison, elk and pheasant.

Fruits and Vegetables
This is one place where you are allowed to go wild. If it grows out of the ground and it is not a grain or a legume, you are generally in good shape. Make sure that you eat colorfully. The more colorful your food is, the more nutrition you are getting from it. Opt for dark greens like spinach and romaine, and look for bright colors in your peppers, your carrots and your asparagus. Also remember that nuts and seeds are just fine. Remember that starchy vegetables like potatoes should be avoided.

Foods To Avoid
Paleo eating is wonderful for you, but the thing to remember is that it is a big change. Sometimes, the list of foods you can eat is a lot less daunting than the food that you can’t eat. First and foremost, get rid of all of the grain and grain by-products that are in your kitchen. Also remember that dairy should not be be eaten on a paleo diet. Get rid of very salty foods like jerky and very fatty foods like bacon. Finally, stick with water. There are allowances made for things like tea, but in general, water is where it’s at.

When you are looking to be true to a paleo diet, keep this paleo food list with you and remember that every day, it gets a little easier!