Paleo Recipe Book

paleo-recipe-bookOur never-ending quest to lose weight and get fit now includes the somewhat controversial Paleo diet. Referred to as the “Caveman diet,” those who subscribe to the Paleo diet believe that eating like our prehistoric ancestors that they will be healthier by following a high-protein, high-fiber eating regimen.
With the Paleo diet, grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, vegetable oils, preservatives and processed foods are eliminated. The Paleo diet includes more than just meat and fish, though.

There are numerous recipe books available but none are as popular and informative as “The Paleo Recipe Book” authored by Sebastian Noel. The book includes more than 370 recipes that are all 100 percent Paleo authorized.
Noel is a physical fitness buff, who discovered that going back to the basics when it comes to eating is the healthiest way to start feeling better. Noel is a firm believer that the healthiest way to lose weight and add vitality to life is through better health, and the way to a healthier lifestyle is to get back to our roots when it comes to our diet.

The Paleo Recipe Book” is divided into 189 categories and includes recipes for cooking fish and seafood, stews and curries and meat and poultry. If you’re partial to stir fries and soups, there is a section for you. The book is a comprehensive collection of recipes from the four corners of the world.

The meals that Noel has developed for the Paleo diet meet minimum recommended daily allowance guidelines and can be prepared even by the novice in the kitchen. His guide includes recipes for breakfasts, lunch and dinner as well as snack and beverage recipes.

In addition to plenty of options for those who eat meat, Noel has developed recipes for vegetarians. Lovers of international type foods like curried shrimp, fajitas and Asian food, also will find recipes to their liking.
Planning is essential, especially when just starting out. It is easy to get discouraged, but Noel takes the guesswork out of much of the transition. He takes into account that dieters might be overwhelmed when starting this new diet and his book helps people ease into their new lifestyle.

A definite advantage to having this book is that cooking processes are easy to follow — dependable and trustworthy. Knowing that you are preparing a meal that is healthy and that has been tested for taste is reassuring