Paleo Cookbook

America is waking up to the dangers of our toxic, processed diet. We are realizing that the processed, chemically-laden foods we consume have made us the fattest, sickest nation in the western world. Yet as our collective health has deteriorated, many of the alternatives that we have turned to have not improved our condition.

Why is this?
Most diets rely on denying our bodies calories or nutrients that they were designed to use in order to meet only one goal—losing weight. Thus, they are not maintainable in the long run. Once we return to our normal diets we see the return of pounds of excess flab without ever having felt the wonderful health benefits of eating the way we are naturally designed to eat.

So what is the best alternative?

The best way to eat is obviously the natural way. This means eating the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate before the invention of modern agriculture. If this sounds counter-intuitive to everything you were taught as a child with the “food pyramid,” you are right! The classic form of the food-pyramid taught that the most essential part of our diet should be whole grains. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, modern whole grains are loaded with carbohydrates at a level that is not in harmony with the fiber content. This makes them quickly and easily absorbed by the bloodstream, thus spiking blood-sugar levels and requiring large amounts of insulin to return these levels to normal. Our bodies were not designed for these types of spikes and lows on a long-term basis. Instead, non-starchy vegetables—such as zucchini and asparagus—contains several times more fiber than whole grains and are packed with the nutrients your body needs without causing unnatural spikes in blood sugar.

Why do I need a paleo cookbook?

There’s a little more to the paleo diet than just eating natural, unprocessed foods and avoiding grains. It also means eating natural foods that were produced naturally. For instance, most beef found on the modern supermarket shelf is devoid of the natural nutrients that our hunter-gatherer ancestors benefited from. This is because modern, mass produced meat is fed on grains rather than grass to increase the overall yield of the animal. These grains are devoid of the nutrients that are consumed by free range grazing animals. This is why modern cattle constantly need antibiotics to ward off infection. They are just as sick and unhealthy as we are due to an unnatural diet.

A paleo cook book will teach you not only the basics of the paleo diet, but how to choose the best, healthiest sources for these foods. The paleo cookbook will also show you exciting new ways to prepare the best sources of protein an fat, such as cold water fish like wild-caught salmon. You will learn that eating the paleo way is easier than you ever thought and feel the health benefits of eating a truly natural diet.