Paleo Lifestyle

Modern technology has brought many conveniences that make our lives easier and more comfortable in many ways. However, in other ways, modern life has created more problems, as well. The human species evolved in ways that allowed live under certain natural conditions. When humans actively work to duplicate these conditions, people can enjoy better health and greater life satisfaction.

Paleo Diet
A paleo diet involves eating foods that our early ancestors had available to them. These foods allowed the human species to survive and even thrive under difficult conditions. Paleo foods include plenty of meat and fish, vegetables of all kinds, nuts, fruit and natural plant oils. Fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and kim chi, are good for digestion and are also encouraged. Avoid processed carbohydrates, potatoes and grains. Our early ancestors also had to deal with occasional periods when food wasn’t easily available, so periodic fasts can be incorporated into the system.

Increased Exercise
Early mankind spent a great deal of energy hunting, fishing and gathering for the group’s food supply. These activities kept their bodies lean and well-toned. Today, work duties may include sitting at desks for long periods of time without active muscle movement. The paleo lifestyle encourages people to exercise more, particularly in natural activities such as walking, running, climbing, bending and other actions that use muscles that have evolved to do this work.

More Time in Nature
Our early ancestors also spent all of their time in the natural environment, among the trees, grass and plants that surrounded them. They were exposed to a variety of allergens that gave them immunity from reactions to these allergens. Paleo lifestyles encourage all types of outdoor activities that put humans back into their natural environment.

Stay Attuned to Natural Wake-Sleep Schedules
Modern life requires humans to live within schedules that are sometimes unnatural to our biology. Whenever, possible people who follow the paleo lifestyle are encouraged to be aware of their own individual wake-sleep patterns and follow them as much as possible for better health and less stress.

Take Action To Reduce Stress
Researchers have confirmed that stress is a killer. The paleo lifestyle encourages people to reduce their stress by engaging in enjoyable activities, meditation, living in the present and avoiding worry about the future.

Have A Small Group of Close Relationships
Early man lived in small groups of close relatives and community members. Those who follow the paleo lifestyle should try to duplicate this sense of close community with their families, friends and neighbors.